Friday, 4 October 2013

Initial Thoughts and Ideas of 'Drowning by Numbers' (1988)

After watching the film 'Drowning by Numbers' (1988), I quickly noted down the main aspects of the films which caught my attention in mind map form. Complete with illustrations and screenshots, I felt that this way of organising my thoughts worked well. 

The main aspects which stuck in my mind when watching the film were: the sequential order but random placement of numbers throughout the film, the various games which were invented and played, and also the relationship between sex and death. In particular, I was intrigued by the game 'Dawn Card-Castles' and the idea that certain playing cards and numbers could affect the way you dream. This caused me to think that perhaps I could create my own ideas about how each playing card could cause a variety of dreams.

Moreover, I loved the general placement of numbers throughout the film which created its own narrative. This caused me to start thinking about how I could interpret this in my own way.