Monday, 23 September 2013

Bird of Prey: Falcon

Me with Falcon which inspired me in Tunisia

Inspired by my trip to Tunisia and my previous Morphogenetic Duck post, I chose to use a similar technique to sketch a Falcon, using line with colour to define the tones in the bird of prey.


Media:   Pencil crayon

After initial sketch, I then put the image into Photoshop and re-worked over the lines with the pen tool, adjusting the colour as required. The use of separate layers for each colour made it a lot easier in case of any errors or alterations needed at the end.

Final Falcon design with line technique. The use of colour makes it stand out much more than keeping it black and white though I feel that if thinner lines were used with a higher quantity, the image would look better and more delicate. Also I almost prefer this technique using traditional media as digitalising it has made it more cartoon-like.

However, I believe this was a success and will be continuing experimentation with a similar technique.

Hope you liked it :)

Carla xxx