Friday, 11 October 2013

Guest Artist Lecture: Jonathan Lindley

I was particularly excited for this guest lecture as Jonathan Lindley is a previous Graphic Design graduate from the University of Huddersfield.

Lindley works mainly in animation, music and video. Even though his degree suggests a more 2-D way of working, I really enjoyed his 3-D animations. 

Screenshots from Animation 'Lightening Bolt'

The first animation Lindley showed was 'Lightening Bolt', a stop motion made from around 3000 photographs, all made from cardboard. The amount of skill and technique used to make this short animation is just simply compelling. I also love the bright use of colour which has been used as it makes the animation fun and lively, emphasising the detail and effort which has been put in to create each frame.

After seeing the rest of Lindley's lecture, it soon became apparent that he has a very unique style which consists of very fast-paced graphic animation. He appeared very passionate about his work and doing something you love rather than settling for anything less satisfying. 

"If you ever stray from your work
 just crack on and do it" - Jonathan Lindley

Lindley also went on to talk about his final year at the University of Huddersfield. He advised us to email companies which interest us and explained how in his final year he took a risk and that is the point where he began to create animations- his first ever animation was a flip book which he started in his third year at University.

"Do something you can see yourself doing in future- Jonathan Lindley

Overall, I enjoyed Lindley's presentation and it definitely made me more confident about getting my own work into the real world and realising there are many opportunities out there! I think I need to start contacting companies which I may want to work for in future and see what options are available. It was particularly nice to have a graduate from the University speak to us as it makes a dream seem like more of a reality!

More of Jonathon Lindley's work can be found on his website: