Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Illustration Weekly Briefing 8.10.13

Lecturer: Ian Massey
Storyboard method by Uri Shukevitz

The main focus of this weeks briefing was visual narratives, sketchbooks, storyboards and gaining better knowledge of the illustration industry.

We were introduced to a variety of storyboards by several illustrators who used their own style to convey their ideas. I particularly enjoyed the notational drawing technique used by Uri Shukevitz, who quickly sketched out his ideas in a storyboard layout using basic shapes to create each separate composition. This made me realise that the initial ideas of a concept do not need to be perfect and act as a starting point for further development and detail. His storyboard also includes annotation which marks down the main ideas which is effective for noting down initial thoughts which are subject to change.

Furthermore, I was inspired by Ed Fella's sketchbook collages ( He uses found images, typography and mixed media collage in his sketchbooks to convey his thoughts and ideas. This is a quick and effective method for noting down ideas which has inspired me to add an element of collage in my on process of documentation.

Another illustrator's sketchbook that inspired was the works of Oliver Jeffers:

I love Jeffers' use of mixed media collage and found objects he incorporates into his work. There is a sense of delicacy in his sketchbook works which feel to me as though they are finished pieces in themselves. I think this kind of approach would enhance my own personal work.

After being shown a variety of illustrator sketchbooks and documentation methods, I feel this helped me a great deal when thinking about how to present work in my own sketchbooks. I will try to make my ideas more visual when documenting them and think about how it could be presented in an illustrative way.