Thursday, 25 July 2013

What does it ACTUALLY take?

Sat here thinking about becoming an illustrator in future, and thinking about this blog and whether I'm truly connecting with my viewers, I decided to share with you my thoughts to break up the imagery and change it up, and perhaps allow you all to get to know my personality a tad more :)

So here goes nothing.. 

My main concerns are really how MUCH does it take to become a successful illustrator/ artist. Is it a simple case which seems to be at the heart of most successes- being WHO you know and not WHAT you know (or as I should say what I create).

Is networking the key? Or will good artwork see me through.

What do I desire from a world of success?

All in all, I want people, like yourselves, to see and support my work and for others to recognise my work as my own. The creative industry is a tough nut to crack but I believe with enough drive and ambition anyone, even me :), will crack it!

What are YOUR thoughts on making it in the art world?