Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Character Design

Having read an article 'The Elements of Cute Character Design' by Sascha Preuss, I was inspired into making my own CUTE character design using various elements suggested in the article. As a traditional artist only testing the boundaries of the digital world, this was sure to truly test my artistic capabilities.

Challenge accepted:  Create an entirely new cute character from scratch and digitalise it.

Step One:
Sketch by hand a cute character of your choice. In this case a tiger with abnormally large but consequently cute head. and small dis-proportional body. Hint: defy all knowledge learned in life drawing classes.

Step Two:
Quickly learn how to use a pen. (No ordinary pen when in Photoshop, everything is ten times harder). Once mastered  hours later... Outline the cartoon in black and fill in any black areas.

Step Three:
Once all the outline is complete, admire your hours of handiwork which in reality looks like it took two minutes...
The character outline is now complete and sketch is now digitalised.

Step Four:
Colour in the character appropriately to your liking.The cartoon is nearly complete.


Step Five:
Add a little shading to bring the character to life and complete the final image.


... And there we have it, my FIRST ever digital cartoon character. I hope you like it :)

NOW also entered into the Illustration Friday theme of 'Jungle' ! I love this site as it challenges an entirely NEW theme every week suggested by YOU :) see the website here:

All ART types get INVOLVED! :D