Saturday, 27 July 2013

Experimenting with Blending in Photoshop


After seeing a 'how to' video on blending images in Photoshop which was shared by +joe k, I got quite excited and couldn't believe I'd never tried this before!

YouTube Link:

So, as you guessed, I had to try it for myself! Here is the outcome with two of my own images which were traditionally drawn/ watercolor, manipulated in Photoshop, and then merged with this really handy technique :)

Original watercolour painting drawn
with masking tape

Original mixed media butterfly

Final Image

I think this technique has worked well as the blending is very subtle yet the images are still bold and strong in colour. The hue of the leaf was changed in order to match the colour scheme used for the butterfly image. 

Overall: success. This technique will be used in future for sure!

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