Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Two for Joy!

So I created a little illustration a while back and thought that now I'm finally acquiring some decent Photoshop skills I would digitalise it! Here is my process of how I made a simple sketch into something more finished.

The illustration is an abstraction of two Magpies in flight. These link to the superstition of 'One for Sorrow' which the second line reads 'Two for joy'

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Enjoy :)
Digitalised sketch. Outlined in Photoshop

Trying out colour over outlines

Inverted colour

Full colour complete with subtle shading

For the last image I took away the lighter blue line which left my original shading I layered over the top. This has actually turned out successful as the colour is more subtle but still apparent.This is more suited to my softer style of work. 

However, I am unsure which of the last two images I prefer! Perhaps you all can help me decide :) 

What did everyone think of the inverted concept? At first I loved it! Then I loved the softer colour on the white background. 

Currently trying out different versions of colour in this illustration so keep your eyes peeled for more!