Friday, 7 March 2014

Watercolour Artist: Jean Haines

After being told at my formative assessment that I must look at other watercolour artists who inspire me, I came across this lovely illustrative work by Jean Haines.

I am just really inspired by the fluency in her work which makes her artwork look delicate and quite abstract in places. It was definitely hard to pick some images to show you so here is link to her website as well as some pieces which stood out to me:

Flying Colours, 98 x 120cm

African Gold, 61 x 79cm

Especially 'Flying Colours' stood out to me as I am looking into the biomimicry of the 'Flex-Foot', a new design of prosthetic leg, which was inspired by the hind leg of a cheetah. Therefore, I love how Haines has captured the dynamics of the jocks which I would love to re-create in my own work to illustrate how the 'Flex-Foot' is being used by about 90% of paralympian athletes today!

Haines also depicts animals beautifully in her work allowing them to emerge subtly through dynamic watercolour marking, creating unique and innovative pieces of illustration.