Saturday, 8 March 2014

Abstracting Watercolour: Biomimicry

After my initial watercolour illustrations, it was suggested to abstract them even further so the viewer could interpret them in their own way:

Vulture to represent inspiration taken by The Wright Brother's to invent the plane.

This illustration reflects on how the kingfisher inspired the bio-mimetic invention of the Japanese bullet train.

Paralympian represents the way in which the 'Flex-Foot', a prosthetic leg invented by Van Phillips, was inspired by the hind leg of a cheetah.

Another illustration focusing on the inspirational side of bio-mimicry, reflecting on the invention by Van Phillips.

An abstract illustration representing how termite mounds have inspired the architecture of buildings.

Overall, I am pleased with the outcome of these illustrations and believe they meet the brief of the commission. They are subtle and delicate due to the watercolour, and are effective for exploring the many aspects of biomimicry which the viewer may be familiar with or unaware of. These illustrations are almost like a 'celebration' of the current biomimicry which has been created and make people aware that this method of invention is the future.