Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Final Proposal for 3M Buckley Innovation Centre Commission

Here is my PowerPoint presentation I created to explain my final proposal to the 'judges' (University tutors). The imagery demonstrates my thought process I underwent to explore the theme of biomimicry for the 3MBIC commission. It includes a mock up of where my imagery may fit into the building, and many of my watercolour illustrations based on biomimicry itself.

Carla taylor powerpoint from Carla Taylor

Unfortunately, my presentation was not adequate enough to be short-listed for the commission and I never have or will get feedback to help me improve for future commissions. This was very dis-heartening as I expected some kind of critique especially with the amount of preparation I put into rehearsing the presentation.

However, I won't allow this to knock my confidence completely! I felt that my watercolour illustrations were effective and would fit better in a different context, perhaps an article about biomimicry in a magazine.

For those of you knocked back by situations like these, just remember, your work won't fit into every context and in such a difficult and judgemental industry as the arts, it is very much expected! I havent't let this get to me, so neither should you!