Thursday, 6 February 2014

X-Ray Artist: Arie van 't Riet

Further research brought me to the wonderful art of Arie van 't Riet who uses x-ray images in his artwork. His main subject is on using the natural world including plants and animals and combining them to make new natural scenes made from his x-ray imagery. These vibrant images are absolutely stunning and provides a new insight into the world of nature, focusing on what the human eye cannot see and making it into inspiring artwork. 

Here is an interesting video from Ted Talks where the artist himself explains the process of developing his artwork:


Beautiful, innovative imagery made by Riet:

Original x-ray image
Poppy, penstemon, rododendron 
and lizards.

Dimensions of the original siverbromide
 negative 12" x 16" . Digitised 300 dpi, 
12 bit. In photoshop the x-ray image was
 inverted and partly coloured.

Riet has inspired me to try and look at nature in new ways as a method of innovation. This links well with Biomimicry and nature is studied in a way which is beneficial to mankind, rather than extracted from its natural habitat.