Monday, 10 February 2014

Art of Nature: Anna Atkins

After researching into art in nature, I stumbled upon this book by Judith Magee, 'Art of Nature: Three Centuries of Natural History Art from Around the World'. 

When I looked through, all of the illustration I found were beautiful but one really stood out at me: a book cover by Anna Atkins, also thought to be the first female photographer and among the first botanists to study and publish on the subject of algae. 

British Algae: Cyanotype Impressions completed in 1853, made up of 389 handmade photographic plates replacing traditional methods of illustration.

Having seen this beautiful piece of art, I looked for more of her works and found some amazing imagery.


I love the delicacy of detail in her work which presents nature in an entirely new way. After taking some of my own photography, I applied Atkins' style to my own images to see how they would look:

Primary Source Imagery: 

Photoshop manipulation to imitate style of Anna Atkins:

Once I manipulated my own photography, I really saw the detail in the flowers and leaves. They almost look translucent in their appearance which creates an interesting effect that could be applied to further development.