Sunday, 23 February 2014

Nature in Watercolour

As a development of my project, I was keen to explore more traditional medias in my work and steer away from photography as I felt that personally, this was a generic way of working and there was not a lot of room to re-invent the imagery beyond Photoshop filters.

Therefore, I explored the use of watercolour to innovate my work, starting with re-inventing two of my primary source photographs:

The watercolours I have created are visually stimulating due to their subtle colour and delicate lines. I deliberately avoided adding too much detail as I want the viewer to be able to interpret the imagery with their own imagination and almost 'fill in the gaps'. This is important in my work as I feel it portrays a sense of elegance which I find harder to create in any other media than watercolour. Suddenly the elements of nature are out of context, avoiding being too literal and inventing an innovative style which can be viewed from many perspectives.

I believe this method of working is innovative due to the way the watercolour is allowed to take its own forms, creating new imagery with a reference of the original. The new forms are completely new through the way in which they are painted, this is biomimicry in art as I have taken an element of nature to re-invent them into something new.