Saturday, 19 April 2014

Reportage Illustration: Relatives of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370

Using a selection of watercolour illustrations portraying the relatives of the missing passengers of flight MH370, I decided to put them into a more professional context in the style of Kugler's reportage illustration where he uses text alongside the imagery.

To begin with, I made grid lines to divide the page into two sections to form a book/ newspaper double page spread layout. 

The next stage was to add a collage of reportage illustrations which I had previously formed. I flipped the image horizontally so that the heading could be situated in the top left hand corner so it would read chronologically.

I added text into spaces incorporating it within the imagery. The text relates to articles about the relatives of the missing passengers of flight MH370. In particular, this text (below) was quoted from the article which I had illustrated the image from, relating to Chinese protests about the missing flight.The text (far below) relates to the missing passenger, Paul Weeks, and his family, using a quote from his wife to portray the heart-ache of the ordeal.

Adding the heading to the image put it into context as a news story similar to the way George Butler puts his reportage work into commercial contexts. I didn't want to use a conventional font, so searched for one online, leading me to 'headliner no.45'. This font is bold but still a little rough around the edges, fitting in with the news story.

Text used for heading
Final Design

Above, this is the final design. The text compliments the imagery effectively without making the whole image seem too busy. I could definitely see this in a newspaper as a double page spread. The subtly of the watercolour takes on a sensitive approach to such a controversial topic, allowing the reader to understand the necessary information about the thoughts of the relatives of the missing passengers. Overall, I think the image and composition relates well to a professional news story context.