Saturday, 26 April 2014

Merging Newspaper Text with Reportage Illustration

Through researching into newspapers, I managed to collect several small artcicles about the missing flight MH370 and words which related to the news story. I found this very hard as I was looking at UK newspaper a few weeks after the initial crisis had happened, therefore the story had died down quite a lot. Even so, I managed to create a small composition from the articles/ text to make up a double page background.

Using the background image I overlaid some watercolour reportage illustration on Photoshop to experiment with the effects it could create.

Merging the watercolours over the newspaper is extremely effective. Hints of the Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 news story comes through the illustration which create a unique effect. Due to the nature of the news articles in the background being about the physical search for the missing plane, the illustrations bring the importance of the relatives to the foreground. The real impact has been on the families and friends of the missing passengers, who still cling onto any last ray of hope that their loved ones are alive.

These images would be most effective as a collection to highlight the relative's anguish as the main focus of the news story as a whole. The relatives being in the foreground emphasise their ongoing role in the story and how they shouldn't be forgotten, as well as the missing passengers.