Friday, 8 August 2014

An Inspiring Journal for an Aspiring Illustrator


That is the only word (expression?) which came to mind after reading illustrator Holli Conger's journal which she wrote 10 years ago in 2004- the same year I began my own journey through secondary school. It seems such a long time ago now! Well, I guess it was.

The journal entry which she wrote was titled 'Becoming an Illustrator: One girl's journey to doing what she loves'. I stumbled across this article after completing several searches in Google to find out how to become an illustrator. This stemmed from anxieties and losing faith in my abilities to ever make a career of illustration; it never seemed practical.

Consisting of 12 parts, Conger explains her ups and down throughout a year of making it to become a successful illustrator. In her journal entries, she includes marketing strategies, portfolio building and ways to get her name out there as a creative. Reading through, it was clear that the journey Conger undertook was genuine and passionate, and never once did she give up on her dream.

I cannot reflect on how brilliant it was to read all 12 journal entries (I was hooked after the first one) as it is something that should be appreciated whilst reading it yourself. However, I can say that after the final entry, my mood and general attitude towards illustration as a career had become more positive. It was truly inspiring to learn how one illustrator found success even through negative, unmotivated times, and with a bit of determination and effort a dream can definitely come true!

I will definitely rethink my attitude towards my dream and begin taking the necessary steps to become a successful illustrator myself.


Thanks for reading!


Read the journal entries yourself here

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