Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Packaging Design for Cosmetics Brand

As part of my self initiation to take on briefs outside of my University course, I took on a challenging brief to design for cosmetics packaging. This was set by a third year student at the University of Huddersfield studying fashion marketing. As the work would be for Uni work purposes only I was happy to go forward with the brief without expecting payment.

Here is the brief which was sent by the student:



Distribution: Harrods Harvey Nichols Selfridges Betsey Johnson Flagshire Stores

Competitors: Illamasqua Mac Bobbi Brown

What I need done:    (Could the type/colour/weight be on the outer packaging somewhere)

I want a white base with a coloured illustration, these few images over the next two pages are kind of something that I am looking, so i’ll let you decide what the best thing to do is, since you know what you are doing!
the packaging design needs to be appropriate for the market it will be placed in and and as good as it’s competitors packaging!

To begin with I noted down things which related to each colour of the products so it would give me inspiration for my illustrations.


For the theme of siren I immediately thought of greek mythology and how 'sirens' would lure in their naval prey through harmonious song. I wanted to reflect on the nautical theme in the illustrations as well as focusing on the mascara product. Therefore I decided to only include the eyes in the facial features to highlight the use of the product.

I think both illustrations are effective and even when given a pink hue in Photoshop, the details are enhanced and romanticised. When I had sent the images to the client she thought the first illustration would better suit the foundation packaging but loved them both! Therefore, I didn't need to design a separate illustration for the foundation 'honey' theme as it was already decided that an illustration would be used.


The punk'd theme sparked stereotypical visuals to mind: more gothic, expressive and rock themes. As it is for packaging, I decided to keep to my original thoughts even if it meant being literal as I felt it would illustrate the product in the most effective way.

As the packaging was for lipstick, I focused on the mouth for this illustration. This effectively highlights the use of the product as well as keeping it with the theme. The passionate expression reflects on the stereotypical nature of punks and adds a sense of dynamics. The nose piercing also reflects on the punk'd theme and the stars relate to the print Betsey Johnson often uses in her products.

The client was pleased with this illustration and was impressed by the touch of red along with the blue, suggesting I add red tones into the previous illustrations. As requested I added the tones which I think is effective and breaks up the blue tones.


The goddess theme immediately made me visualise beauty, elegance, romanticism and wealth. Immediately I thought of a peacock's feathers as they are naturally beautiful and demonstrate all of the themes which I thought of.

I love the delicate tones of the watercolour in this illustration, although once presented to the client I agreed that it didn't fit the brief and strayed from the style of the other illustrations. Therefore, I created a new illustration though incorporating the peacock feathers as a symbolism of beauty and elegance.

Below is the initial sketch and the watercolour illustration. The hidden face behind the face portrays a sense of 'blushing' whilst the feathers signify the beauty and elegance of the 'goddess' theme.

Overall, the client was happy with what I had produced. With a few suggestions and minor changes, I am happy with the outcomes and would definitely produce work similar to this again. Hopefully the client will get back to me soon with mock-up packaging designs and I will be able to show my illustrations in context!