Monday, 2 December 2013

Contacting Illustrator Carly Davies

Nearing the end of my first term of University as a second year Illustration student, I am eager to find out more about placement opportunities for my sandwich year. Therefore, after browsing through the net, I came across the wonderfully talented Illustrator Carly Davies who's work can be viewed on her own website at Carly Davies Illustration. Take a peek :)

After seeing her post about her Hallmark placement, I was intrigued and desired to know more so I emailed her: 

Hey Carly,
I am a second year Illustration student at the University of Huddersfield, and was just browsing through the net hoping to find some inspiration for my placement year in Industry. I found your blog post from 2011 saying you had just finished a placement at Hallmark.
I was wondering if you could give me some tips on how you went about getting a placement, whether you know of any opportunities, and how you kick started your career as an illustrator?

Thanks so much for your time, I hope to hear from you soon :)

Regards, Carla Taylor

I was pleased to here back from her :) This is her reply:

"Sorry, I only just remembered that I have to reply to this!

I gained my placement by exhibiting relevant and commercial illustration at New Designers exhibition. I was first approached by Hallmark and offered a commission, then on the back of that being successful, I was offered a two week placement.

Aside from gaining a placement this way, the best way to approach them, would either be to work up a strong creative CV with some relevant illustrations to show off your style, or to keep entering the Tigerprint competition (tigerprint and Hallmark studios are in the same building/owned by the same company.) The more you enter, the more your work will be directed towards the styles that they look for. Then if you don't achieve any attention from that, send Hallmark another email showing all your entries and write a really nice cover letter that shows how passionate and enthusiastic you are about greetings cards.

My career all kick started from New Designers > to the commission > to the placement, then after the placement I sent around my creative CV and I would say the placement almost definitely got me my job. (I was employed in November...only a few months after graduation.)

Hope that is helpful,


After receiving this response from such a talented illustrator, it made me realise that with a lot of effort, enthusiasm and passion I will get to where I want to be. It has also made me more confident talking to practicing illustrators to gain advice and knowledge on how to gain access to such a difficult and competitive industry.

I hope this helped you too! :)