Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Reflective Statement: The Black Mirror

So far in the development of my project, I feel that I have challenged my abilities
to come up with new and original ideas. Though, even at this time, a lot of those
ideas seem to be going nowhere and I need to focus on one idea and develop it
further or try out several and decided which is the most effective.

From the beginning I have had a desire to contextualise my work in some form
and aim produce work with a high standard for the 'real' world. I have also
been experimenting with different forms of traditional and digital mixed media
and collage in an attempt to find the most suitable technique for the chosen
subject. This has been primarily documented in a sketchbook but also on this
blog in order to keep my thoughts and process together and keep track of
where I am in the project. 

How do I feel about progress so far?

All in all, I do honestly feel a little lost in the project, mainly due to my personal struggle with getting my ideas documented visually and perhaps not researching enough into my chosen theme to enable my ideas to flow easily.
Even so, I have some strong starting points for potentially successful ideas, but I think that a bit more research and visual direction will help me to gain a better focus.

How does my project relate to future career aspirations?

In regards to future prospects, I have tried to focus my project on producing work which may
eventually become part of a sellable product which could feature within the illustration
industry. I am also trying to test out different areas of illustration such as editorial and mass
production to see which suits my style most. My aim for the end of this project is to create
illustrations of a high standard featured and presented within their appropriate contexts.